Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Mining and Quarry Safety and Health Regulation 2017?
The scheme aims to protect your long term health of mineral, mine or quarry workers. It requires that every worker completes a health assessment, including a chest x-ray, upon entry into the industry and at least once every five years. Lungscreen are experts in reporting on these chest x-rays.

Why is a chest x-ray important?
Mineral mine and quarry workers can be exposed to respiratory hazards, including mineral dust from production and processing as well as welding fumes and diesel engine exhaust. Occupational exposure to respiratory hazards can lead to a range of lung diseases; these include forms of pneumoconioses (for example silicosis), chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and lung cancer.
Unfortunately lung damage is irreversible, however progression to more severe stages of disease can be prevented or slowed and symptoms managed, if detected early. Therefore early detection of lung disease, through respiratory health surveillance, is vital in protecting the health of mineral mine and quarry workers.

Why is early detection of CWP so important?
While prevention is the best defence, identifying the disease in its early stages can prevent it from progressing to a point whereimpactst on your quality of life.

Is there any other way to commence work without a fully adjudicated report?
No. A fully adjudicated ILO report is mandatory prior to commencement of employment on-site as a mineral, mine or quarry worker in Queensland under Government regulation.

Some Radiology companies provide a ‘first read’ B report. Can I use this report to start work?
No. A single B-read report is not sufficient. Lungscreen’s fully adjudicated ILO report is mandatory prior to commencement of employment on-site.

What documentation do I need to start work?
As part of the health assessment the chest x-ray must be dual read against International Labour Organisation (ILO) standard by NIOSH B-reader approved Radiologists. Lungscreen has been appointed by the DNRME as the sole provider of this service for coal mine workers in Queensland, and we now provide the same expert service for mineral, mine and quarry workers. Lungscreen has a list of registered x-ray providers listed on our website

What should I do to ensure the best quality health care?
Register with Lungscreen as a doctor or a patient. Registration allows the X-ray to be accurately tracked through the reading process and provides secure access to the lung X-ray image and ILO reports online.
Head to to register.