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About Lungscreen

Lungscreen is Australia’s foremost lung screening organisation. We help save lives by detecting lung disease early. We do this by ensuring that Australians have equitable access to an affordable, safe, reliable and scientifically based lung screening program, resulting in better health outcomes for all.

Currently, our work is focused on detection of occupational lung disease, lung cancer screening and lung nodule management.

Early detection is the key to saving lives. Occupational lung disease in particular is often left unidentified at early stages. With the latest advancements in lung imaging technology, our team of specialists is able to improve early detection and improve health outcomes.

Lungscreen brings together medical experts across disciplines, with a focus on diagnosis through medical imaging procedures. Our team of highly specialised radiologists, physicians and oncologists work collaboratively as a multidisciplinary team guided by globally recognised standards.

Our knowledge and experience in radiology has enabled us to engage and partner with high-quality radiologists and radiology providers that adopt the latest imaging techniques used for lung screening as they play an integral part in an effective lung screening service.

While the patient is at the centre of all our work, we look beyond individual outcomes to identify trends and critical data that will help to shape Australia’s collective approach to lung health.

Update: On 1 March 2019, Lungscreen Australia replaced US-based B-reading for all Queensland coal mine worker chest X-rays. All chest X-rays must now be sent to Lungscreen Australia. Read More.